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Insulation removal
If your attic contains blow in insulation you may think the removal process will be a dirty job. Actually the removal process is done very clean and safe. Your Attic Specialist professional will use a high powered vacuum that has a very long hose connected to it. The old insulation that contains bacteria will be sucked into a filter bag. The old bacteria infested insulation will be removed from the house in the safest, cleanest way possible.
If your attic contains batt insulation,Attic specialist will remove this by placing it in special bags and removing it manually. This will be done in a professional manner to avoid dust and debris that could risk your health.

Insulation replacement and installation
Hiring a professional to replace and install your new insulation is your best option. We will be able to inform you of the best option available.We will know if you need R-30 insulation or R-38 insulation.Our professionals will be able to inform you if blow in insulation or batts are a better option for your home.We will also be able to do rodent proofing for you. This will help keep your new insulation in top condition longer and help prevent infestation that can cause bacteria.We can also install radiant barrier insulation. This will be efficient for heating and cooling as well as electric bills.