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Value of the Insulation

What is the difference in Insulation R – Value ? R-13 Insulation? R-19 Insulation? R-30 Insulation? R-38 Insulation?

When talking about Insulation the most frequently asked question is “ What is R-13, R-19, R-30, R-38?” What does the R- value really stand for? Well, here you have it. R stands for resistance. Resistance of what you might ask? The resistance of heat flowing, and the reason you want to slow heat from flowing is because heat naturally wants to go from being hot to becoming cold. Heat will always flow to a colder area. In order to prevent that from happening we put insulation in the walls. As heat meets the walls, it will take a while before it makes it through the insulation.

The greater the R-value of the insulation, the more insulating power it contains. Therefore, it takes longer for heat to go through the R-30 insulation than it would to go through R-13 insulation. The bottom line is you want as much R- value as you can get. So why don’t we put R-30, R-50, or R-100 in everything we have? If your space was unlimited you could use whatever R-value you want, but most walls are constructed with 2×4 framing. Insulation should not be compressed because that squeezes out all of the air. If there’s no air pockets, it decreases the R-value. When you think of R-value just think insulating power.

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