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Terms and Conditions

The Attic Specialist Inc. Terms and Conditions

The Attic Specialist Inc. will render the services as mentioned in the Agreement set below. The Attic Specialist’s practices are referred to the terms and conditions set here.

Cleaning and Restoration

The customer agrees to and understands that not all stains, odors, contaminants and damage may be completely removed when hiring such cleaning and restoration services. The Attic Specialist will do its utmost best in fulfilling restoration and cleaning requests. Customers are expected to abide by and agree that there are no warranties or guarantees in terms of set levels of decontamination or cleanliness, unless stated in this Agreement.

Furthermore, the customer must acknowledge any hidden terms and unknown conditions set here forth, which may potentially affect cleaning and restoration quality. The Attic Specialist is not responsible for any type of damage caused by hidden stains, or that new restoration products may not match existing material, texture, color, etc. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify The Attic Specialist beforehand of any pre-existing conditions, and in removing all fragile items of considerable value where the cleaning service is set to be done. In case of breakage, the customer is responsible for the damage.

The Attic Specialist reserves the right to refuse service anytime. During service, The Attic Specialist reserves the right to stop services in cases where the homeowner exhibits signs of scamming or abusing the company.

Chemical Usage

The Attic Specialist advises the customer of the potential health risks involved in the application of sanitizers, deodorizers, micro biocides, cleaning agents and any other product classified as “chemicals”. The customer must acknowledge that he or she has read the manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheets used to perform the cleaning or restoration service, and accepts the risks stated therein. The Attic Specialist and its employees, managers, directors, shareholders, agents, owners and principals are forever discharged and relieved of all damage and injury claims, of all health problems caused by known or unknown factors as a result of the chemical applied.

Limitation of Damage and Warranties

All Attic Specialist Inc work are completed in good workmanship and carried out in a timely manner, in true accordance with our standard practices. In cases of service defects, our exclusive remedy are the following:

Corrective services in the same manner (repair, adjustment, retreatment).

A refund of sums paid on the work portion not warranted.

All rendered service warranties are null and void if the customer does not follow Attic Specialist’s maintenance program. The Attic Specialist is not responsible for work done by outside companies, and is not liable for work done by the owner. We charge a fee for reinspection.

The following warranty is a limited warranty. It is exclusive of all other warranties, whether implicit or explicit, inclusive but not limited to the following- fitness of purpose, workmanship, habitability and merchantability, which are denied by The Attic Specialist and fully waived by the client. The Attic Specialist is not liable for any lost or anticipated profits, whether incidental or consequential. The Attic Specialist’s maximum liability should not exceed more than the amount paid by the customer for the cleaning and restoration services rendered.

Claim for Damages Waiver

The Attic Specialist wishes to inform our customers that there may be instances where damage to the gutter, roofing, plumbing, ceilings and insulation during the course of work rendered. The customer acknowledges that The Attic Specialist is not liable for any damage to water lines, gas lines, electrical lines, drain lines, plumbing or electrical wiring during work processes such as drilling into the ceiling for treatment. We hold the customer responsible for marking such areas before the start of work. Care will be exercised, but we are not liable for wall cracks, chipping or any other damages to the ceilings, walls, flooring or woodwork.

Completion Certificate

Customer may request certificate on completion of services. The customer must inspect the services rendered, check all ceilings and inspect the workmanship for any damage done. He or she must notify The Attic Specialist of any complaints prior to paying and before The Attic Specialist leaves the vicinity. Workmanship on ceilings are deemed fully acceptable if the customer does not send notice of workmanship or material defects after 24 hours has passed, or once The Attic Specialist staff leaves the house and the customer pays in full.

Payments and Refunds

Payment is required at the time the work order is completed, payable to The Attic Specialist Inc. Customers are required to pay 10% down payment of total services requested when calling by phone. We provide free inspections in the following areas- Orange County, Oxnard County, Ventura and Los Angeles. If payment is not received within 30 days, customer is liable for interest charges and court settlement costs for each month that the bill is unpaid. Returned checks are penalized a $35 fee for every instance. Customer is responsible for notifying The Attic Specialist of any dispute or complaint via email and supported with pictures, to which the company must correct the service deficiencies as stated. The Attic Specialist agrees that any disputes, claims or controversies regarding service inadequacy between customer and company shall be mediated upon in accordance to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Services. The final decision of the arbitrator is deemed absolute and the award is binding to both parties.

Refunds are not provided by The Attic Specialist. In instances where defects are seen, the customer must notify the company via email and supported with pictures, to which a suitable correction is carried out within 30 days. The price is set per square footage and is non-negotiable once the service has been completed.


Should The Attic Specialist be required to enforce the Agreement terms as set herein, then the company is eligible for full recovery of costs and attorney’s fees needed to fully assert its rights. This is applicable for any action, appeal, trial or arbitration as stated in this Agreement.

Customer shall agree to the following terms:

– All treated surfaces must be allowed time to dry before allowing pets or people to walk on said surface.

– Property access to The Attic Specialist employees during the agreed service date.

– The owner is responsible for disclosing any known repair or defect that could potentially lead to hidden damages, structural infection or property infestation.

– The Attic Specialist does not service attics with cross-linked polyethylene water lines or pressurized fire sprinkler systems, unless a licensed subcontractor or C-16 fire protection contractor is called to inspect, repair or treat the following features. Furthermore, The Attic Specialist is not liable for any electrical or wireless damages caused for your house under 1980.

– The Attic Specialist reserves the right to terminate service contracts if the owner exhibits bad or threatening behavior. The Attic Specialist employees also reserve the right to leave if they feel unsafe due to the homeowner being under the influence of drugs, alcohol or is exhibiting signs of mental problems. Customer is still billed for the full services even when the job is not completed.

All sales are not final until approved by The Attic Specialist. We reserve the right to change prices and service costs anytime. Customers must agree and abide by all the mentioned terms and conditions as stated above before requesting for cleaning and restoration services.