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How an aircon is installed will directly dictate its performance and if there would be any problems down the line. An improperly installed HVAC can lead to poor operation, e.g., insufficient cooling and present several safety and health hazards.

You can avoid this by choosing the best HVAC contractor right from the start. At The Attic Specialist we offer decades of knowledge and experience to make sure you get the most value in your newest home improvement project. We are licensed, bonded and insured contractors in the general Los Angeles area.

After installation you can count on us to deliver excellent service through HVAC maintenance and when time comes that you need to replace the unit. Our trusted and reliable service shines through so you get absolute peace of mind knowing your HVAC is in good hands.


Modern air-conditioning systems will have higher and more optimized energy efficiency ratings, which can cut down your energy bills while maintaining the best possible temperature. Having one installed in your home may be a welcome upgrade, but keep in mind that not all systems are alike.

The key thing to remember is that you should choose an air conditioner that has the capacity to cool your home. Furthermore, you’ll need the right contractor to have it installed for maximum efficiency.

An underpowered HVAC unit will have a hard time cooling your home, while an overpowered system can make your energy bill higher than what it should normally be. It’s true that the more power you get the faster your interior can be cooled but it adds to the overall wear and tear.

At The Attic Specialist we are the best contractors in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura and San Bernardino. We can do a proper survey of your home or room and recommend the best type of HVAC for maximum energy efficiency and savings. We perform installation according to manufacturer-recommended specifications.

HVAC Replacement

The Attic Specialist is your go-to contractor when you need quality HVAC replacement from start to finish. We usually conduct a survey of your home or room and the unit before determining if it needs to be replaced.

A typical HVAC system can last a good number of years if properly installed and maintained. However, the time could come when your air conditioner isn’t working properly and starts giving you more headaches than benefits.


Is It Making Strange Sounds?

Any unusual sound or activity coming from your aircon warrants a check-up, especially if it’s been making grinding sounds and screeching noises. A thorough diagnostics can determine if the unit has a broken belt or motor. However, this is best left to the experts.


Is There Smoke or Bad Odor?

This is another sign that your AC needs a look. The source could be coming from engine fluid that has gone to the duct work, or a fan motor that’s burned out. It’s recommended that you stop using the HVAC immediately and call a professional for help.


Do You Have a High Energy Bill?

If energy usage is more or less the same, e.g., there was no major appliance added then it could be due to a failing HVAC unit. As air-conditioners get older they require greater electricity and thus, the higher bill.


Do You Need to Have It Repaired Constantly?

Constantly having to have a contractor take a look at your aircon and having it repaired is a common sign that you’re better off with a new HVAC.

Replace or Keep Your HVAC System Running?

Having to choose between a total HVAC replacement or just keeping on with repairs is a difficult matter. You’re weighed down by pros and cons of each- a new aircon will be costly but it will save you more in the long run, while repairs are relatively cheaper and get the room or house cool enough until you could save up for a replacement.


You can eliminate the guesswork by having a professional contractor do an assessment of your HVAC system. At The Attic Specialist we can examine the unit and recommend the right air conditioner based on your cooling needs. Call us and we’ll do our best to help.


The Attic Specialist goes beyond just HVAC installation and replacement. We go the extra mile and ensure every component, from the insulation to the ductwork is completed quickly and completely. This may require upgrading your crawl space or attic insulation, as well as resealing doors and windows and checking for breaches in the walls where air might escape.

Hire Only The Best HVAC Contractors For Your Home or Business


If you’re located in San Bernardino, Ventura, Orange County or Los Angeles and need the best aircon or furnace contractor in the area, contact The Attic Specialist. Our professionals can work on any HVAC regardless of model, type or capacity.


The Attic Specialist is prompt and honest. We will only charge you what’s needed and have the receipt to show for it. Our mission is to serve our customers and replace their HVAC systems in as quick and efficient a manner as possible. We want our clients to be comfortable even during the hottest days or the coldest months.


With our installation and replacement services you can enjoy the benefits an HVAC system brings to your home or business. You can save time and money in a lower energy bill and your family members or employees will be comfortable. Try our HVAC services for a seamless and worry-free installation/replacement today.