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Every now and then we’d get an inquiry, saying ‘why do you charge for whole house professional insulation inspection? Others offer it for free’

We’d usually point to our website for clients to avail of our free online estimate.

A comprehensive house inspection for insulation is no simple matter. This is done by our experts doing a survey of your house, including the attic and crawl space before coming up with an accurate quote. You can expect this to be more or less the same once you agree to have your existing insulation repaired or replaced.

Los Angeles and Ventura County residents can get an inspection for free, while San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange County residents are charged a reasonable $79 fee.

The reason why we charge for whole house inspection is simple. As per California regulations, all inspections must be conducted by a Licensed Contractor in the state. At The Attic Specialist Inc., all our staff are licensed, bonded and insured, and have more than 20 years of insulation experience.

Companies who offer free whole house inspections will most likely have unskilled, unlicensed and even unprofessional employees. Furthermore, they may charge exorbitant fees or pressure you into giving your money in exchange for a sub-par service.

Professional Insulation Contractor in California

By choosing The Attic Specialist you get the best-value attic insulation service. Outdoor elements such as bacteria, contaminants and pests will not be able to enter, and indoor air quality and energy efficiency will peak at an all-time high. Furthermore, our choice of insulation material and methods ensure your home stays protected for a long time.

Home inspections are carried out only by licensed employees. Afterwards, homeowners will be shown a detailed report with pictures and reference. We will explain the best solution to your attic or crawlspace issue in an easy-to-understand manner and will list the things that needs to be done.

Our clients can choose to accept the recommendations or part of them. We will not force you to accept the proposal or move ahead with the project without your permission.

At the end of the day, our customers get the best value for their money. Our staff are C2 licensed and certified in the state of California for insulation services. When in doubt, we will gladly show our pocket license and credentials as proof and for peace of mind. Attic Specialist has worker’s compensation and a general liability insurance in place.

Where Do the Professional Inspection Costs Go?

The Attic Specialist will never take half-measures when it comes to you and your family’s safety.

In light of COVID-19 we try to reduce the chances of contamination or transmission by investing in full PPE gear. When our customers call us for sealing air leaks, adding insulation or attic cleaning we will arrive on time and make sure our customers are fully satisfied with our level of service.

Our staff will wear full protective gear, including N95 masks, show and hair covers, eye goggles and proven cleaning products and tools. Doing this not only protects our employees against the coronavirus but keeps you and your family members safe as well.

Even in the event of a full house inspection we will take the necessary precautions to carry out excellent service. We put immense value in our employees and thus ask them to wear PPE all the time.

We’re Here to Help       

Building a reputation as an excellent attic cleaning company takes time and dedication. You can count on The Attic Specialist for professional attic cleaning services, such as air leak insulation, crawlspace insulation and rodent proofing in and around the Los Angeles area. 

Our employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to complete any task, including the most complex ones. Furthermore, they are licensed in the state of California to carry out whole house inspections. 

Remember, we at Attic Specialist will never put you at risk. We will not send in unprofessional and unlicensed contractors to do the job, unlike other companies. The cost of a whole house insulation inspection reflects this. When you call us for an inspection, expect only the best services and utmost diligence when we arrive at your home. 

Come see what we have to offer today.