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In today’s world, air pollution, viruses and diseases are inevitable. What’s more alarming is the fact that our very homes and offices can be the breeding ground for these harmful organisms.

Did you know that the contaminants in a single cough can stay in the air for more than three hours? This means that it can get spread around the room, crawl space or even the attic. Furthermore, an air leak practically ensures that it goes through the whole house and infect your family.

The Attic Specialist is experienced in dealing with bacteria, viruses and disease-causing organisms and employ a variety of bio-products to ensure your house and family members are safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of keeping our homes free from viruses, mold, organisms and bacteria, as well as making sure our indoor air quality is the highest it can be.

A clean attic will serve as the catalyst to improved health. Clean air makes for a conducive environment and supports a more comfortable home. At The Attic Specialist, our work involves new insulation installation, dirt, mold and rodent dropping removal and general cleaning. Our technicians can also seal rodent entry points, cracks and openings to limit the amount of unwanted organisms that can get inside your property.

Protection Against Dirt, Dust and Toxins

It’s not uncommon for attics to build up dust and dirt over a period of time. When left alone, minute particles will spread out to the rest of your home and make the air dirty.

Attic insulation is usually a huge factor in this case. Moisture, dust or dirt accumulation can stop the insulation from doing its job properly. Keep in mind though, that homes whose HVACs are located in the attic will need to pay attention to this part of their house. Yes, your living room or bedroom may be a hundred feet away from the attic, but the air seeps down through the access hatch, ceiling or into the HVAC system and can pollute the very air you and your family are breathing.

Protection Against Rodent Infestation

Rodents, spiders, bats and insects love to hide in dark places, and the attic can be the perfect spot for them. You’re more likely to see urine stains, droppings, dead animals and debris left behind by rodents the longer you ignore your attic or crawlspace.

Rat droppings are dangerous and contain several bacteria and viruses, including the following:

Hantavirus. Can be acquired by inhaling rodent feces, urine and saliva particles.
Bubonic Plague. Can be acquired through a bite.
Salmonellosis. Can be acquired by eating or drinking food with rodent feces.
Rat Bite Fever. Can be acquired by eating food that are contaminated by infected rats.

Simply going to your attic and sweeping them up will not help, as all the saliva, urine and dropping particles will get kicked up and make it easier to inhale. Moreover, the damage and destruction caused by these unwelcome guests will wreak havoc on your insulation.

Protection Against Viruses and Diseases

The corona virus has raised our awareness on how deadly viruses can be. More importantly, it has taught us that hygiene and good cleaning practices go a long way towards prevention.

In North California, there are people who have been infected without ever leaving their homes. Bacteria and minute organisms can get through the vents, attic and living spaces with just one cough. Air leaks and dirty HVACs can facilitate the spreading of COVID-19 and threaten the health of the whole family.

Poor air quality and ventilation often lead to symptoms like dizziness, upper respiratory infection, headaches, constant nose, eyes and throat irritation and heart disease. Those who have pre-existing conditions, e.g., respiratory problems, allergy, etc. and the elderly are more at risk compared to those who don’t.

The Attic Specialist has taken measures to eradicate COVID-19 by using cleaning solutions that are proven to kill viruses and bacteria. High-power disinfectants can eliminate up to 99% of viruses, bacteria and harmful organisms living in your crawlspace, vents and attic.

Protection Against Indoor Air Pollution

A number of studies say that indoor pollution can be just as harmful, if not more so than the outdoor environment. This is an area of concern as most of us spend more than half our lives inside our own homes.

Indoor air pollutants include VOCs, mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites, cockroaches, pollen and more. Poor ventilation can also cause these organisms to build up.

Have Your Attic Professionally Cleaned by The Attic Specialist

At The Attic Specialist, we thoroughly inspect every inch of your crawlspace or attic for harmful debris, dead rodents and animal droppings. Once found, we professionally remove the contaminants to improve indoor air quality. We then check for air leaks immediately after an attic cleaning or insulation project. Also, our licensed technician can check the state of your HVAC and attic insulation.

Fixing the Holes and Cracks

Exposure to the elements and general wear and tear can create holes and cracks in your attic. These tiny air pockets may seem harmless but can lead to insect and rodent entry, as well as drive your energy bill up through the roof over time.

In an attic cleaning service our professional technicians can pinpoint air leaks and recommend the best way to seal them up.

Replacing Contaminated Insulation

An attic that has poor to no insulation will find itself in disrepair in no time. You wouldn’t want to take chances on a contaminated insulation so it’s best to replace them with new ones.

Full Attic Cleaning Services

The Attic Specialist has taken measures to ensure you and your family members won’t contract COVID-19 during attic cleaning projects. Our employees are protected from head to toe with only the best gear. Moreover, the cleaning products we use are guaranteed to kill the corona virus and disease-causing bacteria upon contact.

Our valued clients enjoy these benefits when they call us for attic inspections, cleaning and insulation installation:


Improved energy efficiency and savings.


Better indoor air quality for health and well-being.


Enhanced protection against viruses and diseases.


Zero mold and mildew issues.


Eliminate most sources of contaminants and irritants throughout their home