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CSLB # 1050995

You could be wondering, why does The Attic Specialist charge for professional insulation whole house inspection when other companies offer it for free?

The fact is, we do offer free estimates when you ask for it online.

Attic Specialists follow a standard process. Our experienced contractor will gather the necessary details of your house, including your crawl space and attic’s square feet to provide an accurate quote. This will serve as your rough estimate on how much you’ll need to cover the repair costs.

Then, you can opt for an official inspection by a licensed contractor. We provide this service for $69 on crawlspace and $99 for whole house insulation. Keep in mind that these costs are deductible from the total amount should you wish to move forward with us and the project.

The Costs of Professional Insulation Inspection

We are proud to say that we provide full protective measures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. When you call us for attic cleaning, insulation and air leaks, there’s no doubt that you’ll be getting the best attic cleaning services. More than that, our licensed technicians will make sure you’re satisfied 100% before we leave the premises.

To combat against the corona virus we implement full protective gear, e.g., eye goggles, hair and shoe covers, gloves, N95 respirators and chemical- and water-protective suits. These items are hard to find and add to our operating expenses.

We value our customers and our employees, and therefore deem that these are necessary measures to continue providing excellent service for everyone. Frontline workers could risk their health but The Attic Specialist does everything it can to keep its employees and valuable clients safe.

Expert California State Insulation Contractor

The costs of inspection goes a long way with us. Aside from peace of mind knowing that your attic, crawlspace or whole home is shielded from the elements, you can rest assured that each job is done using exceptional skill and knowledge from years of experience. Home inspections are performed only by a licensed employee.

After an inspection you’ll get a complete, detailed report with photos taken during the process. We can explain the things that need to be fixed and how we’re going to execute the task.

It’s up to you if you want to accept all or parts of the estimate and move forward with the project- we will never strong-arm you into accepting our proposal and there’s no obligation.

Our customers get their money’s worth when they call us for help. All our front line workers are licensed C 2 and certified California state insulation contractors. We can show our credentials and pocket license as required. What’s more, The Attic Specialist has worker’s compensation and is fully insured with a commercial general liability worth more than $2 million.

The Attic Specialist has built a reputation for utmost attic insulation, air leaks and cleaning services that’s second to none. Rest assured we do not send employees who are uninsured, unprofessional or don’t know what they’re doing. Moreover, all our employees are licensed to perform any and all kinds of home inspection services, including whole house insulation inspections