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Achieve Optimal Energy Efficiency

Technology has made modern doors and windows more energy efficient, which means they help maintain optimal temperature around the house. Whether in the form of superior insulation or e-coating that stops UV rays from passing through and in, you can enjoy the energy efficiency benefits the moment the contractor installs the new doors or windows.

Your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard as it maintains a cool temperature during summer or a warm and comfortable one during winter. Your furniture, carpet and even plants won’t look faded or washed out with prolonged sun exposure.

Enjoy Lower Energy Bills

Installing replacement windows and doors in California will have a direct and positive effect on how much your energy bill costs month in and month out.

Energy consumption is reduced since heat and cold won’t be escaping out cracks in the doors and windows as easily. Your HVAC will be more efficient and there’s less wear and tear while you save energy.

Upgrade Your Home's Looks

One of the main reasons why California homeowners replace their doors and windows is to get their property a new look. A fresh coat of paint, a new theme and matching doors and windows can definitely do wonders in terms of curb appeal.

Investing in new windows and doors also serve to increase your property’s value which can come in handy when you decide to sell your house. Viewers may tend to favor your property more since they won’t have to replace the doors and windows anytime soon.

Better Overall Comfort

The Attic Specialist recommends Energy Star windows as they’re better than standard windows in terms of comfort and energy efficiency.

These windows work during the cold weather and retains heat better so you and your family members stay warm and cozy. Also, cool air stays around for longer even when it’s hot outside.

You can improve you and your family members’ quality of life with a window and door upgrade for your home.

When Should You Replace Your Windows and Doors?

We at The Attic Specialist recommend opting for a replacement when you start to feel temperature changes as you head inside the house or as you move from one room to another.

This is the first sign that your doors or windows aren’t working as intended and that they should be replaced. When you feel the heat from the outside even when you’re indoors, then call as professional as soon as possible to have your doors and windows checked.

Sealing also erodes and comes off over time, and even the sturdiest door or thickest window will lose its efficiency. If it’s been more than 10 years since you’ve had your windows or doors replaced then it could be time to buy a more energy efficient material.

Exposure to the elements is another factor in the wear and tear of a door or window. Others include significant condensation, disrepair or damage.

Window Replacement in California

Windows can tie the room and house together or make it seem outdated and antiquated. Discerning homeowners can have their windows replaced whenever it’s time for a renovation or a remodeling in order to bring it up to theme.

Window replacement can benefit you in the sense that your home resale value and curb appeal increases. Furthermore, Energy Star rated windows bring unmatched energy efficiency so you won’t feel temperature fluctuations as with older windows.

We recommend upgrading to new windows if you want to maximize your home’s energy efficiency and wish to take full advantage of new features. It’s certainly time for a replacement when your window is broken or if the paint is old. Single pane windows can be the target of break-ins and are susceptible to air leaks over time. Its integrity makes it a source of noise from the external environment.

The Attic Specialist is the best window replacement and installation company in Orange County, Ventura, Los Angeles and San Bernardino. We can schedule an appointment to check your home or office and see what materials or window types work best for your property. We can discuss and recommend the best window depending on what you need.

Door Replacement in California

The Attic Specialist offers quality door replacement in Los Angeles and nearby areas. We offer energy efficient doors from top brands and various materials such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum, among others.

We know that home remodeling is a major endeavor, and for this reason our door replacement services are second to none. We ensure top workmanship and a door that will protect you and your family members from temperature fluctuations and external environment for a long time.

Our workers are certified and trained to install any door. If you don’t have an idea of the door you want, we can walk you through a selection that will fit your need and budget.

The Attic Specialist can help you save money with energy efficient and sturdy doors. We want what’s best for our customers and are honest and upfront about the pricing.

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