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Fire Damage and Its Devastating Effects

Fire is very damaging in several aspects. The flames cause extensive damage to the building’s structural elements and furnishings. Fire byproducts such as smoke, soot and chemical residue can cover all your belongings and get to the building materials. Soot and smoke combine with humidity and moisture and corrode materials.

Wood, tile, aluminum, brass, porcelain and marble can experience discoloration and etching if the soot is left there for too long. Burned furniture and flooring is not a pretty sight, but then homeowners will have to deal with toxic and harmful chemicals and its subsequent reactions.

Flame consumes plastic, paint, wood, fabrics and materials that are typically found in homes and create chemical reactions that are harmful for your lungs and overall health.


Even those that haven’t been burned are likely to be covered in soot and smoke, as well as heat and water damage. Even when the fire has subsided and the fire truck and crew have gone there’s still a lot of damage to clean up.

The real problem starts when you leave the residue as is and don’t do anything about it. The longer you let the effects stay the more costly your restoration and repair.

It’s not recommended that you or your family members stay in the house as there are too many elements that can be detrimental to your health. Depending on the scope and damage, you may need to seek temporary housing as the smoke and chemicals are cleaned by a professional.

Fire damage cleanup should be done as soon as possible to prevent the spread and contamination of soot, smoke and chemical residue. Your next phone call after it is extinguished should be to fire damage restoration professionals at The Attic Specialist.

Homeowners can try to fix minor smoke and fire damage but you should always wear protective clothing and items that can prevent the smoke and chemical from entering your nose and lungs. However, it’s best to leave the cleanup to experts if there’s any of the following:

  • a fixture such as a chandelier or fan that’s affixed to wet ceiling
  • soot on the floor, walls and ceiling
  • soot and smoke on the carpet and upholstery, among others
  • soot and moisture on any surface

Cleaning soot may produce an adverse effect to your health. Do not use electrical appliances until the fire damage restoration contractor says it’s okay to do so. It’s also not advisable to touch the upholstery, woodwork or walls as the oil from the fire can make the damage worse. Throw out food that have been contaminated to prevent poisoning.

Contact The Attic Specialist and we’ll be there to take care of the fire damage and restore your home to its pre-fire condition.

Why Choose The Attic Specialist for Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire is a destructive element that you don’t want roaming free in your home. Aside from bringing structural damage it can render your home or office unusable and unstable. To prevent the foundation from collapsing you should have a professional come in and check the extent of the damage, then propose a solution to get your home or office back to the way it was.

The Attic Specialist is the expert when it comes to clearing up fire damage in a property. We owe it to our customers to arrive on time and as needed to help minimize the spread of the fire and keep it from disrupting your day-to-day living.

Whether cleaning fire damage in a residential or commercial setting, our technicians will arrive with full equipment and protective gear. We pay special attention to detail and have the backing of years of experience and training for all kinds of fire damage.

Our knowledgable technicians can check, repair and restore properties that have experienced fire damage. We also work on water damage that comes from fire truck hoses as well as chemicals from a fire extinguisher.

Our fire damage restoration services consists of the following:

  • a pre-cleaning process
  • content cleaning and restoring damaged items
  • upholstery, carpet, wall and ceiling cleaning
  • soot and smoke cleaning
  • odor removal process

Tarping and Boarding Services

In an attempt to get the fire under control firefighters may have to break windows and doors. However, this presents a structural problem once the fire dies down and the restoration process begins.

The Attic Specialist can board up open windows and doors, including the garage in order to stop outside elements, e.g., animals, rain and others from getting in. We can install a roof tarpaulin to prevent water from coming in as well.

Odor Source Removal

Odor that comes from burning chemical and materials are one of the most difficult to remove. To effectively get rid of it you’ll need to find the source. After a permit from the fire department or your insurer we can safely remove the source of odor.

Soot is acidic and can cause stains and corrosion when they’re not addressed in a timely manner. Other companies could provide incomplete services and won’t remove the smell nor the source of the odor. It’s absolutely vital to remove the odor since it can stick and spread throughout your home.

The Attic Specialist Can Restore Your Home After a Fire

We service properties in Los Angeles, Orange Country, San Bernardino and Ventura and can rebuild, remodel and restore any type of fire and water damage.

When you need professional help after a troublesome experience, call us and we will be there. Our hardworking technicians can get to work immediately to minimize the damage of the smoke and soot that’s left behind. We provide honest work and will never overcharge. Call The Attic Specialist today!