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Contractors often say they’re the best demolition experts but you’ll need to go beyond promises to determine which company is better.

Demolition is a complicated and dangerous process and should only be handled by professionals. Business owners and homeowners should leave it to an insured and trained company in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Trust only demolition specialists so you won’t have to face additional issues and the renovation project can go smoothly and on time. You should also choose the one that has all the necessary equipment needed for an efficient demolition work.

The Attic Specialist maintains a high industry standard for safety. Our workers are fully insured, bonded and licensed and can carry any type of demolition service depending on what you need.


Our first priority in any demolition work is utmost safety from start to finish. Our equipment undergoes a comprehensive testing regularly, and we won’t use it until it passes inspection.

Trust only a licensed demolition contractor so you can get peace of mind. The Attic Specialist workers follow a stringent safety process to ensure nothing is left out of the detail. Before the actual demolition we carry out comprehensive checks on hazardous materials, wiring, hydro lines and gas pipes and disable or dismantle them so they won’t cause problems later.

We are committed to delivering workmanship that exceeds others. We pay special attention to detail and assess your structure before drawing up a plan to demolish it. This is key to preventing any mishaps and accidents, and this serves as our guarantee to our clients.

How The Attic Specialist Carries Out A Demolition Safety Plan

Securing the Necessary Permits

Demolition requires certain permits, and no work should be started before these are secured. Our workers can collect the necessary elements to ensure everything is compliant.

Conducting an Engineering Survey

A survey is necessary to check for things that could go wrong in a demolition. A comprehensive inspection will determine if it’s safe to carry out the procedure, and how to best get around obstacles and issues. An example includes checking the paint and building for lead, asbestos and other harmful chemicals and substances before carrying out the demolition.

Presenting the Insurance

Certified contractors should give you a copy of their insurance certificate. Homeowners and business owners should scrutinize the paperwork and ensure that it’s current before agreeing.


The Attic Specialist has the edge when it comes to presenting insurance and bonds. We practice safety and are committing to providing the best service for our client, which means protecting ourselves and you the best way we can.

Having All The Safety Equipment

It’s crucial to observe hazard protection and job safety at all times. We put up warning signs so passers-by and people will be aware that there’s a demolition going on.

Our workers guarantee safety by observing all the safety procedures, from setting up a perimeter to the actual demolishing. We minimize risks so you won’t have problems later on.

The Attic Specialist Can Complete Big and Small Demolition Work

We can do every demolition job regardless of specification, scope and requirement in San Bernardino, Ventura, Orange County and Los Angeles. From public works such as bridges to homes, condos and buildings, we can do it all.

Part of our demolition service is bringing our years of experience into the fray. We have the skills and the equipment to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. We are big in safety which is a plus in demolition projects.

Call us and ask about our demolition services today. We’ve covered office space demolition, warehouse demolition and residential demolition in all shapes and form. The Attic Specialist promises a job well done and a successful demolition according to your structural needs.

Going Green is Part of Demolition

We are an environmental-conscious contractor, and this translates to all our work, services and equipment.

The greener the demolition work in California, the better. It’s our mission to be sustainable in all our actions even when it’s demolishing buildings and homes. We aim to produce the least environmental impact and thus have implemented procedures that are designed per project. For example, we plan to reuse and reclaim usable materials for future projects.

It’s not unusual to have copper, steel and other valuable materials left over after the demolition work is completed. Concrete can be crushed and remade for new buildings. Plants, shrubs and trees may be composted and turned into nutritious food for plants. We can also haul away the materials and deliver them to the nearest recycling station.

The less waste material the better. The Attic Specialist shines in this regard as our workers pay attention to detail. We don’t just rush in and complete demolition- we plan ahead, draw up possible scenarios and arrive at the best solution. Those who wish to minimize their carbon footprint as much as possible when shopping for demolition services can call us. We’ll be happy to accommodate your concerns.

Get The Best California Demolition Professionals Today

If you’re ready to execute the next phase of your remodeling or renovation, The Attic Specialist is here to help.

We can provide a quote and a timetable before starting any work. Our honest workers give their 100% effort in every job and project for utmost customer satisfaction.

When you need demolishing services in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura and Orange County, The Attic Specialist should be first in your list. We guarantee exceptional demolition service by experts who are bonded, licensed and insured to carry out work in any scale. Call us today!