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Soundproofing your bedroom, garage or any other room in your house can do wonders for your well-being and state of mind.

With everyone confined indoors, waiting out COVID-19 and finding ways to keep ourselves entertained, soundproofing might just be what you need to survive the cacophony of noises produced each day by your neighbors and family members.

Before diving in though, you’ll want to know how soundproofing works and how it allows you to control the noise levels in your living room, for example.

There are a few ways on how to soundproof your home, with the best option of calling in the experts to do it for you. At The Attic Specialist Inc., we typically receive soundproofing requests from professionals such as lawyers and doctors, and homeowners who don’t want to hear loud external noises. We’ve also completed a few projects for recording studios and offices from music engineers, podcasters, private practices and others.

Soundproofing Insulation

Sound typically escapes through the ‘cracks’, or the small space between windows and doors. As early as during the building stage up until when you need to renovate, soundproofing material may be added between the studs.

Soundproofing insulation is a specially-made product designed for blocking acoustics. It’s primary mechanism is absorbing sound waves and slow down noise waves in order to keep it from going to the next room. Residential and commercial property owners can choose to soundproof one room or all of them in an effort to create a conducive, relaxing or peaceful environment.

Technicians can also ‘blow’ insulation inside your walls to make it absorb sound waves, therefore offering a degree of soundproofing. We use a specialized machine, pumps and hoses to insert the insulation through the drilled holes.

Afterwards, your walls will become more porous to sound and absorb them. The air pockets that could carry sound will have been eliminated.

At The Attic Specialist, we recommend the use of loose-fill cellulose insulation material for effective soundproofing. Not only do they reduce the travel and strength of sound waves, but also serve to improve the room’s energy efficiency levels. Outside noises, e.g., construction, mowers, loud cars and music will be reduced to a barely perceptible hum.

Cellulose-based insulation is safe and environment-friendly, being made from newsprint that’s recycled and treated with fire-retardant solution.


How Does Soundproofing Work?

Soundproofing can be done using several types and applications.

At The Attic Specialist Inc. , the first step to soundproofing your home is by drilling strategic holes in flooring, ceiling or walls. Then, we use specialized equipment to inject insulation material into hollow bays or cavities.

Our wall insulation and soundproofing services are similar in some regards. There’s the required drilling and injection of insulation; however, in soundproofing we pack in more material to the cavity to reduce air space as much as possible. Our machines and technique allow us to inject up to 40 percent more soundproofing material than our competitors.

Keep in mind that soundproofing is not like waterproofing in that there’s no water transfer anywhere in the process. To set expectations, there’s not a perfect soundproofing material or process that can reduce 100 percent of all noise. Results could vary and there’s no performance guarantee.

The benefit of soundproofing is that you can get the quiet you and your family deserve after a long and tiring day. Vibration and impacts from large machines and airborne noise, e.g., music, voices and traffic are dampened to acceptable levels.

Do You Have Existing Insulation?

Every once in a while we get service calls from condominium, apartment and townhouses saying that they could hear the noise through the walls and needed help reducing them. Upon inspection, our professional and licensed technicians would discover that the walls already had fiberglass insulation inside them.

Fiberglass insulation is good for keeping warm but it’s not the ideal material for soundproofing a home. In these cases it’s impossible to inject additional material for soundproofing purposes as it’s not recommended to add insulation to ceilings and walls that already have them.

In the same vein we’ll have homeowners telling us there’s no insulation between their walls and ask to have it soundproofed, but then we’ll discover that this isn’t the case. Our experienced technicians will usually have clients drill a small hole in their walls or ceiling to see if there’s existing insulation in them.

You’ll have two other options. First, you can hire a drywall contractor to remove a section of your wall, then have them remove the existing insulation so a new one can be installed. Two, you can have a second drywall installed (which makes the walls thicker and thus, have better soundproofing properties). You can have the drywall contractor put additional layers to the walls and ceilings to improve its sound-absorbing properties. The more mass a wall has the less it’s prone to transmitting vibrations and noise.

Homes built in the 70’s are likely to have fiberglass insulation. Our services require that the walls or ceilings be empty in order to inject soundproofing material. To make it easier, we recommend you to check your home first before calling us for help.

The Attic Specialist Soundproofing Services

We treat all our clients with the same level of respect, expertise and craftsmanship on all our services. When you need a reputable and licensed contractor to inject soundproofing insulation in your walls or ceiling, give us a call and we’ll be there right away.

Our professional technicians arrive on time and will have all the equipment needed for the project. We practice safety precautions and in full protective suits and face masks. Our insulation material is safe and won’t harm your family in any way. Empty cavities will be filled in so excessive sound waves are nullified.

The result is quieter environment that’s conducive for study, work and relaxation. Your studio, office or bedroom will never be the same again, thanks to our exceptional soundproofing services. Call The Attic Specialist and experience greater peace of mind today!