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A fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective way of improving your home’s curb appeal. New technology makes paint more than just for visual show and brings a host of benefits.

We at The Attic Specialist are professional painters and can quickly get your property to the color or theme you want. Anytime you want an expert to paint your house call us and we’ll be there.

Our company has years of experience painting both indoor and outdoor facets. We cover the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Ventura area with exceptional residential and commercial painting services.

All our workers are licensed, bonded and insured for our customers’ peace of mind. You can be sure to get an even coat of paint and gain the advantages of high quality paint and finishes.

Residential Painting Services in California

There are a lot of reasons why you should give your interior or exterior building a new coat of paint.

The first and most obvious is that you want to give things a fresh, new look, and a good paint job can make this happen. It’s a mainstay feature in exterior surface renewal, interior updates and other remodeling work.

The Attic Specialist delivers meticulous painting services for a wide variety of homes, from apartments to luxury estates. We pay special attention to detail, which translates to an even coat and an attractive finish.

Interior Painting in Residential and Commercial Establishments

Every homeowner will want his or her property looking its best. To do this, you will need to hire the best painting company in California. It’s not recommended to tackle the task alone, or do a DIY as your time and efforts will have been wasted.

Need a room or your entire house painted as part of your renovation process? Trust only the experts who will make it easy for you to enjoy a new-like interior. Professional application of paint is sure to add value as an aesthetic and to drive up your property’s sale price.

New paint can work wonders for a room or an area in your house that has seen better days. It makes the room look like new and gets the creative juices flowing. You’ll be able to work with the space more and design it to your liking.

Exterior Painting in Residential and Commercial Properties

Painting the outside of your house can completely change the way it looks. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve a new theme without the expenses that come with a remodel.

Aside from aesthetic benefits a new coat of paint can protect your house from the UV rays of the sun, as well as wind, rain and other damaging elements. When you need someone you can trust do get the job done, look no further than The Attic Specialist. Our workers can do detailed work for adding to curb appeal and making your house structure stand the test of time.

Commercial Painting Services

Business owners will definitely want to maintain a clean and fresh look for their property, and hiring us to do the job can take off precious time from your hands.

Let the experts handle commercial paint work in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura and Orange County so you won’t have to. We will complete each step with minimal supervision required and do a great job in the end. Furthermore, we won’t waste your time and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

A commercial paint project can freshen up your storefront and invite more customers to see what you have to offer. Your employees will feel a sense of pride in a well-kept workplace, and productivity will be at an all-time high. More importantly, it’s cost-effective and serves as a good investment for your money.

Paint for All Kinds of Application

New paint has that undeniable visual appeal, but did you know that it can work to make your home more energy efficient as well?

Technology and a deeper understanding of how paint works has unlocked several innovations in the industry. Depending on the climate and what you want to achieve, you can opt for energy efficient paint that can absorb heat and make your home warm in the winter.

Some paint are designed to reflect heat, which is a welcome characteristic if you want to keep the house cool during summer. Other energy efficien painting elements that interact with moisture and affect ambient temperature.

The secret is in the properties of paint. It can be semi-permeable, which means water passes through and evaporates (thereby making the structure cool). Heat can get trapped in-between the house material and paint and make your HVAC work less to warm up the interior during the colder months.

With new paint technology you can save energy without having to rely on heating or cooling units.

Contact the Paint Experts at The Attic Specialist Today

The Attic Specialist prides itself in exceptional paint work in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Ventura area. We service both commercial and residential properties and make them more eye-catching and looking refreshed.

We understand that not all painting projects are the same, and that there may be different requirements, such as specifications, paint recommendations and timeframes.

When your home’s look is on the line, trust only the experts with years of experience. The Attic Specialist is a one-stop contractor that’s bonded, licensed and insured so you won’t have to worry about shoddy workmanship or delays.

Our job is to work closely with business owners and property owners to ensure nothing is wasted and everything is according to plan. We can draw up a perfect plan for your home or business establishment and get to work right away. The end result is exceptional paint work and a new-like property.

Need a professional painting company in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange County or Ventura?

We look forward to answering any concerns and questions. We provide consultation and recommendations on any painting project, whether it be interior or exterior, or for your home or business establishment. A new coat of paint will serve as your springboard to a redesign that will fit your needs.