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Attic Air Sealing Los Angeles , Orange and Ventura County 


Having your attic air sealed properly is important. If your attic has poor sealing you are allowing air leaks causing hot air to escape. Having air leaks sealed can improve you heating and cooling costs for your home. If you have air leaks you are also allowing bacteria to grow in your attic. If you are having air leaks chances are moisture is also getting in. This can aid in bacteria growth. You will also have the risk of moisture rotting any wooden roof trusses. Hiring The Attic Specialist can assist you in fixing this problem. Sealing your home properly is named one of the most cost efficient ways to make your home more comfortable and cost efficient.

Our professional technicians can inspect your attic to find all of the air leaks. Although insulation does help keep the heat in during winter months and cool in during summer months, this alone will not keep your home as energy efficient as possible. Air can still escape through insulation if you have air leaks. A simple inspection from our professionals will be the first step in making your home more energy efficient and improve your heating and cooling costs.

So how can our professionals help you? Anything involving the attic can be dangerous. You run the risk of nails that could be sticking out and unseen. You run the risk of coming into contact with rodent feces from mice or rats. The feces could contain bacteria that can make you ill. You also have an increased risk of coming into contact with insulation that has asbestos. Hiring us to do the job is much safer as we have the proper personal protective equipment and equipment to get the job done. We will be able to do a complete inspection finding all air leaks. We will be able to determine how big or little the air leak is. Some leaks may be very obvious while others are not. We can do all the dirty work for you. As professionals we can find all leaks ensuring your attic will be completely sealed and air tight.

How do we find air leaks?

We have special equipment that will assist us in finding all air leaks. We will also be looking for insulation that appears dirtier than the rest. This will tell us that air flow is carrying dirt and other debris into the attic in that area. If insulation is worn down in one area it may be a sign of an air leak right there. We will look for evidence of wood rot where moisture may be getting in. If moisture is getting in so is air. We also inspect for rodents and look for evidence of the areas they are getting in. If a rodent can get through a hole so can air and moisture!

You may be wondering what will be done to seal off any air leaks. After our thorough inspection we will be able to determine what is needed to seal off the air leaks. This will be determined by how many air leaks you have and how big or little they are. In some cases we can seal off air leaks in your attic by using caulk or silicone. This would be the case if the air leaks are small such as small holes or crevasses. If you have large air leaks, we may advise replacing your insulation. If the air leaks are also an area that rodents are getting in we will use steel wool, wire mesh or a hardened foam to assist in plugging the hole. These techniques assist in keeping the rodents out as well.

So if you live in the Los Angeles, Orange county, Ventura county or San Fernando Valley areas and have seen an increase in your heating and cooling bills you may want to consider having us come do an inspection. We will be able to answer any questions you may have concerning your attic. Keep your home energy efficient. Keep your heating and cooling costs as low as possible. If you are wanting a professional job give us a call today and see what we can do for you. Hire The Attic Specialist and get the job done right!