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Attic Ventilation Los Angeles , Orange and Ventura County 

An excellent attic ventilation allows the outside air to move in freely through the attic, which in turn provides many benefits. It improves the overall comfort of your home. Roof ventilation lowers energy utility costs during the hot summer, protects the roof from rot and ice dams during the cold winter, and extends shingle life. What happens when there’s not enough fresh air circulating around your home?

Effects of Improper Ventilation


Improper ventilation in the summer can invariably cause your attic area to heat up excessively. This super-hot environment eventually crawls down from the attic floor to the ceiling, then to living spaces below. On a record temperature day, spending time in the attic would not be advisable.

Improper attic ventilation can also lead to other types of property damage. Your shingles get fried and prematurely break down. Your wood framing cracks, warps and breaks down due to the high heat, and the wallpapers and the paint become tarnished. A good ventilation system serves as an efficient energy saving feature, one that reduces air conditioning load and lowers temperature to manageable levels.


Vapors from cooking and from using the bathtub or shower can result to moisture build up during the wintertime. Closed-off attics hang on to this excess moisture and collect them under the roof’s underside, leading to roof sheathing and attic insulation condensation. Additional structural damage include the development of wood rot and mildew growth, roof deck warping and shingles prematurely buckling over.

Do You Need Better Attic Ventilation?

Did you know that an improper ventilation can cause so much damage to your home? Homeowners should check whether their attic ventilation is sufficient to make their roof structure and roofing system last much longer. Here are 4 signs you need to improve your ventilation system:

1. Inspect the roof and the eaves. You will need to add some vents or openings if you currently don’t see any open or working vents in them. A ridge vent is a continuous, low-profile bent running on your roof’s peak, or gable vents, which you’ll see as louvered openings on top of gables.

2. If there are thick ice ridges appearing on your eaves during winter, then you’ll need to change your ventilation.

3. Inspect your attic during winter. If you see frost or excessive dampness, then you’ll need to change your ventilation.

4. Touch the ceiling on a hot, sunny day. If it’s hot to the touch, then that means your attic is improperly ventilated, impairing your AC’s ability to cool.

How To Improve Attic Ventilation

How does one improve attic ventilation? You’ll need to determine the right number of vents to add to your attic. Measure your attic area by simply multiplying its length and width. A 1,200 sq. ft attic area will need around 1 sq ft. of ventilation for each 150 sq. ft attic space. A general rule of thumb to follow is that the more ventilation you install, the better. You may also follow the ventilation rule of having 1 sq. ft of ventilation for every 300 sq ft. attic area.

A proper roof or attic ventilation system makes use of baffles, which are put on the roof eaves, in between roof boards or sheeting. Baffles are one of the most important aspects when it comes to installing excellent insulation. Baffles are sometimes called rafter vents; they allow the insulation to let air in and optimize the flow of air within the eaves of the roof.

It is imperative to consult with an attic ventilation expert or a professional roofing company to discuss your air ventilation and attic ventilation needs. You’ll definitely want a professional who can oversee your roofing system’s replacement or repair to make sure ventilation is at its best. An expert can determine where your current ventilation system needs to improve. They can calculate your current ventilation system and offer significant upgrades for your home. Attic evaluations are necessary to see your current system performance and know which aspect acts as the bottleneck in distributing fresh air within your home.

Call us today and see how we can install the best attic ventilation systems for your home. Our roof and attic experts will be more than happy to provide estimates and start you on the path to better attic ventilation.