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Congratulations in making the decision to replace your home insulation! You’ve just taken a step towards a better tomorrow for you and your family. What’s more, you can start enjoying up to 25% in energy savings per year.

Which brings us to the next step- how to choose the right company for your insulation replacement. Decades ago, it was easy because there were only a few stores in town. Today, you have all these options, and that makes it very difficult to find the best insulation replacement company on the list.

To make the journey easier, we’ve listed the things you should look for when settling on a company to replace your home’s insulation.


The first thing you should do is to check and see if the company has the necessary and proper license for the replacement job.

For insulation, they must have a C-2 license. It’s not enough to see their license on their website- you must verify that it’s active by going to the CSLB website if you’re living in California.

If the contractor’s license is B ( General Contractors ) License, then they would probably outsource the insulation replacement to another contractor. This is because they aren’t legally allowed to perform the work and will call on the services of a sub-contractor who does. While there’s still a chance that the services rendered will be sufficient, you can never be too sure.

General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Comp

Before allowing any kind of work done in your home, you should always check and see if the employees are covered with worker’s comp and a general liability policy.

There are some companies who try to save up on costs by declaring they have no employees (therefore avoiding paying for worker’s comp policies), but this means that if something happens to them while replacing your insulation, for instance, then you will be liable for the damages.

To prevent this unfortunate incident from happening you should always check and ask the company if they have workers comp and insurance, then get a proof before signing a contract. Only then should you agree on a time or schedule for starting your insulation replacement.

A good RMO ( Contractor ) should have full control over the entire project and perform direct supervision as required by California law.


Home and office insulation is big business, and as a result there has been a surge of newly-opened insulation companies over the past few years.

Unfortunately, not all of them undergo the kind of training and certification needed to provide excellent service. What’s more, some may lack the experience and knowledge on how to properly insulate a home. As such, you should ask to see certifications and verify if they are OSHA-compliant before proceeding.

In the state of California, having a CertainTeed and Owens Corning Certified Energy Expert Certificate means a lot to insulation companies. The certification tells interested clients that they are directly certified by Owens Corning Insulation and CertainTeed providers and have met the association standards. For you, this means that all the workmanship done and materials used are backed by a ten year warranty.

Keep in mind that the lack of certification can also mean that the company is shady, and therefore should not be trusted. They could be luring unsuspecting customers into paying hard-earned money but won’t complete the service, or arrive at all.

Online Reputation

It’s sound advice to check online reviews and see what customers are saying about a particular company and its service, but this advice should be taken with a grain of salt.

A review platform may have fake reviews, with unscrupulous companies paying people to leave 5-star reviews to boost trust and rankings. In addition, there are some who would scam people into paying for insulation services in advance but are in fact, fake companies.

How can one differentiate between a real review and a fake one? It’s easy. First, don’t rely on a single review website because it might be biased. Check a particular contractor on how they’re reviewed on several trusted platforms before making the call.

Google Reviews and Nextdoor are good places to start. Nextdoor is a hub where US residents gather and share their experiences and recommendations with others. The platform was created primarily to serve as a beacon of trust among peers and to navigate the maze that is the home service industry.

You should also read up on bad reviews and compare them between insulation companies. See what they did wrong, e.g., were they rude, refused to come back or did shoddy craftsmanship? By doing this, you won’t have to learn the hard way. Feedback from others will help you come up with a well-rounded decision and increase the chances of getting excellent insulation service.


Last but not the least, there’s the issue of warranty. Companies mostly use them as leverage against the competition. Some will offer a one-year warranty, while others promise five. There are even those that offer a lifetime warranty.

While it may seem that lifetime warranty is the one to get, you’ll have to understand what it really means.

In the state of California, a lifetime warranty means that the product or service is covered for at least 3 years. Unless the company defines their ‘lifetime warranty’ to be greater than 3, 5 or 10 years, for instance. The FTC, or Federal Trade Commission warns against companies using lifetime warranties and considers them as deceptive advertising to lure in people who don’t know better.

Therefore, you should read up on what an insulation company’s lifetime warranty includes, regardless of what they say or advertise on their website. By checking into the fine details you’ll get to discover other pertinent details, such as when the company was really founded. If they were in business for only a few months, you wouldn’t expect them to last as long for a proper warranty.

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