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The world is currently gripped by COVID-19, or otherwise known as the coronavirus.

You may have heard the news on how it spreads, how many it has affected and the death tolls worldwide. But like any other virus, coronavirus can be stopped by several preventive measures.

Here are 6 ways on how you can protect your home from the corona virus.

1. Clean, Then Disinfect

The CDC, or Centers for Disease Control has published a few articles on how you can prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The organization mentioned that while it mostly spreads from one person to another, corona virus can stay on surfaces for hours or even days on end. Therefore, one way to protect you and your family members is to clean out surfaces, then immediately disinfecting them.

Cleaning is defined as ‘removing impurities, dirt, dust and germs’. The practice lowers germ count and lessens the risk of getting illnesses. After cleaning, it’s best to disinfect the surface in order to reduce germ and virus count even more.

2. Pay Attention to Commonly Touched Surfaces

It pays to be smart in combating COVID-19. Novel coronavirus can spread through touching a surface that has it and subsequently touching your mouth, nose or eyes, but you can eliminate that chain by focusing on high-traffic surfaces.

Start with doorknobs, toilet handles, desks, faucets, light switches, the dining table, then move on to sinks, the kitchen and others. Remember to do this often and anytime you have visitors.

3. Choose The Right Products

Luckily, the coronavirus is an easy organism to kill. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency says that it’s coated with an ‘envelope’, and won’t work when that shield is disrupted.

You won’t need specialized cleaning items such as Clorox wipes or hand sanitizers- the ones you have in your house should suffice.

Soap and Water. Plain soap and water can remove the viruses’ envelope. Scrub hard using abrasive items like brushes, sponges and towels, then discard the towel or dump it into a solution of soap and water. Afterwards, air dry to remove any attached particles.

Isopropyl Alcohol. Anything that’s over 70% is effective against COVID-19. Don’t dilute, or apply to plastic as it can cause discoloration.

Bleach. The CDC recommends using bleach and water to disinfect surfaces in your home. Don’t mix with ammonia and always wear gloves when handling strong solution. When applying to metal surfaces or countertops, always wipe with a wet cloth so it won’t corrode or become discolored.

4. Wash Your Hands

It’s been said that frequent washing of hands is one of the best defenses against all kinds of harmful organisms, including the coronavirus.

Any kind of soap works well with this practice. While washing, make sure that the soap goes to all areas, including the back of your hands, your palms, in-between the fingers and the nails. Sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song while scrubbing to maximize its effect.

5. Clean Your Electronic Devices As Well

You and your family’s electronic devices are considered ‘high contact’ surfaces as well. Since we frequently use them throughout the day, they’re most likely ridden with germs and viruses.

Warm soap and water or an alcohol wipe can do the trick. First, do your mobile phones and tablets, then move on to your computer keyboard, mouse, landline phone, the TV remote and office equipment such as printers and copiers.

6. The Kitchen and Bathroom

Hygiene should be observed whenever you’re preparing food. Before handling vegetables, meat and more, wash your hands using soap and water and don’t share food especially when someone is sick.

Designate eating utensils, drinking glasses and plates. When washing, use only soap and water. Wipe up high-touch surfaces such as fridge handles, drawer pulls and countertops.

The same should be done for the bathroom. Wipe surfaces such as the sink, shower and toilet and keep toothbrushes at a safe distance from each other. Hand towels shouldn’t be shared and must be frequently washed or laundered.

Get Your House Cleaned By The Experts

Your attic and crawlspace may be hiding more than just dust and stale air. Aside from regular cleaning you should consider calling a professional to help you become coronavirus-free.

It’s important to be prepared for any eventuality that may come your way. The COVID-19 outbreak is now a pandemic, which means you should be prepared to turn your house into a hospital. The bottom line is that you should know how to reduce the presence of viruses and make your house as clean as possible.

The Attic Specialist offers crawlspace cleaning, attic cleaning, whole house air sealing, disinfection, sanitizing and more. We can remove any germs and viruses from commonly-used surfaces and reduce the chances of an infection.

The CDC says that households can clean, then disinfect dirty surfaces to get rid of traces in their properties. An air seal and attic cleaning can stop diseases from coming into your home and save you from sky-high energy bills each month.

The Attic Specialist is Prepared for COVID-19

We are proud to say that we are fully equipped to handle coronavirus and its dangers.

For one, we comply with CDC recommendations and go through the motions of protecting our employees and our customers from the virus.

Every day, we check our worker’s temperature the moment they clock in and when the work is done. We place top priority on our workers’ and future client’s health and do everything we can to minimize the risk of infection.

The Attic Specialist is prompt and will arrive on time to do the job perfectly. We practice safety for ourselves and our customers before and when we arrive on-site. Using our years of experience and skill we will clean your attic and crawlspace in the most efficient way possible so as to not waste your time.

Trust only the attic experts to conduct attic and crawlspace cleaning. You get professional cleaning services and utmost peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are safer from corona virus. You can breathe a little easier and have more time to spend on the things that matter most.