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Acoustic Insulation Installation

The Attic Specialist is here to help you with acoustic wall insulation, acoustic ceiling insulation and all your soundproofing needs in Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County.

Unwanted noise shouldn’t have to be something you live with. The Attic Specialist can help. Whether you’re building a recording studio with studio foam,  or soundproofing a room with acoustic panels, our expert team knows just what to do. We are very knowledgeable with all types of soundproofing, noise reduction and sound absorption materials. We are more than capable of soundproofing any space in your apartment, home, or business. We will help you in deciding your best options like whether you should soundproof a room or choose to install a sound absorption product? Give us a call today for a FREE Acoustic Analysis. We are here to earn your business, and will make sure your soundproofing project is a success. We make soundproofing simple.

FREE Acoustic Analysis

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