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If you live in the Oak Park area and are in need of attic cleaning, insulation removal, insulation replacement, rodent removal, insulation installation or rodent proofing then you need to give The Attic Specialist a call today. Our technicians are highly trained professionals in all of these jobs.

Attics are among the dirtiest areas of your home. This is a common place for rodents to take over. Rodents carry diseases such as the hanta virus that can potentially be harmful to you and your family. The safest way to clean your attic and remove any rodent infestation is to hire professionals. Here at The Attic Specialist we can remove a rodent infestation and clean your attic safely. After all of the rodents, their nests and feces have been removed we will start the sanitation process.
We can also do rodent proofing for you. This will prevent any further rodent infestations from occurring. Our technicians are trained in what to look for when rodent proofing. This will ensure that any possible area a rodent may get in through will betaken care of. We also have special equipment to assist in rodent proofing. Our technicians will know what to use to rodent proof to ensure the most effective products and materials will be used.
If you are in need of insulation removal and replacement we canhelp with this too. If you have noticed a room in your home that is warmer or cooler than other rooms it may be caused from inadequate insulation in that area of your home. If you have an older home there is a chance your insulation is out dated.If you have had any water leaks in your home you may want to considerreplacing the insulation in that area of yourhome. If you have insulationin your home that has been wet you are atrisk for having mold. If you have any reason to believe you are in needof insulation removal andreplacement, giveThe Attic Specialist a call today.
If you are in need of insulation installation we can help with this too. When putting insulation in your home you will want an insulation that is going to be energy efficient. Our highly trained technicians can advise you in the most energy efficient insulation for your home. We can also advise in the different types of insulation such as cellulose insulation. We have all of the equipment to get the job done. We will ensure your insulation is installed correctly and in a timely manner. We will treat your home as if it were our own.
We offer discounts to senior citizens and veterans. We also have VIP customer service and Customer satisfaction guaranteed. We also offer free inspections and consultations. You will have the same technician from start to finish. This means the same technician from the inspection to the completion of the job.So if you live in the Oak Park, Los Angeles, Ventura County  areas give The Attic Specialist a call today and get the job done right!