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If you live in the  Encino area and need your attic cleaned, insulation removed, insulation replaced, insulation installed, air duct replacement, attic fan, rodent removal or rodent proofing, The Attic Specialist can help you out. Our technicians are highly trained in all of these jobs.
Attics can be among the dirtiest areas of your home. This is a common place for rodents to take over. Rodents carry disease such as the hanta virus. This can make cleaning an attic a dangerous job. If you have a rodent infestation and do not address it you are at risk of being exposed to the bacteria and diseases from rodents. Hiring professionals is the safest way to remove a rodent infestation and clean your attic. Here at The Attic Specialist we can safely remove a rodent infestation, clean and sanitize your attic without exposing you and your family to the harmful disease and bacteria. We have special equipment to do this job safely. After all rodents have been removed we can start the sanitation process.
We can also do rodent proofing. Our technicians are highly trained professionals. We have the equipment and knowledge to find where rodents are getting in at. We know what will be needed to prevent any further infestation. By rodent proofing you can reduce the risk of you and your family being exposed to harmful bacteria and diseases in the future.
We can also remove and replace insulation in your home. This can be a dirty job. Here at The Attic Specialist we can do the job for you. We have all of the equipment needed to get the job done quickly and professionally. If you have noticed a room in your home that is warmer or cooler than the other rooms, it may be caused from inadequate insulation. If your home is an older home, it may be possible the insulation is out dated and in need of being replaced. If you have had water leaks in your home you may want to consider replacing the insulation that has been effected from the water. Leaving wet insulation in your home can lead to mold. If you have any reason to believe your home is in need of insulation removal and replacement, give The Attic Specialist a call.
When installing insulation you will want to use the most energy efficient insulation available for your home. Our technicians can advise you in the best choice for your home. We can tell you which insulation would be the most energy efficient in your home. We also have all of the equipment needed to get the job done right. During this time we can also advise you in attic air sealing to make your home even more energy efficient.
We offer discounts to senior citizens and veterans. We have VIP customer service and customer satisfaction guaranteed. Our technicians are highly trained. We also offer free inspections and consultations to be sure you get an accurate price from the beginning. You will have the same technician from start to finish. So if you live in the Encino, Los Angeles, Orange County or Ventura County areas give The Attic Specialist a call today and get the job done right!