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Air Duct Replacement and Repair
Your air duct system is a critical part in ensuring your homes air flow is circulating properly, and that your HVAC system is operating in an energy efficient manner. Most homes have leaky ductwork and unbalanced air flow, which results in an uncomfortable living environment. Most people don’t realize flexible air ducts should be replaced approximately every 10-15 years. Older flexible ducts usually have very poor insulation and frequently have asbestos in the insulation material. Replacing or making improvements to your duct system has many benefits that your family will appreciate.
* Improve Comfort
* Energy Savings
* Enhance Air Quality
* Optimize Air Flow
The Attic Specialist has over 10 years of experience in air duct replacement and air duct repair. We service all of Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County. We are more than happy to provide you with a FREE In home evaluation and estimate. Call us today (800) 778-3765